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On September 19, 2015, missionary Onofrio Miccolis, the founder of Christian Life TV International based in Burlington-Toronto (Canada) and a partner of Christian Life Relief International Onlus – Italia, sadly passed away.

C.L.T.I. has been carrying out missionary work for 25 years in various parts of India and in other parts of the world to help those most in need through the projects it sponsors.

The missionary Onofrio Miccolis (shown in the picture on the left), a native Italian, had been living in Canada for several years. 
In January 1989, during his first trip to India, at the invitation of another unforgettable missionary, Dr. Mark E. Buntain, Onofrio Miccolis felt he needed to do something when he saw the poverty that loomed in India, which prompted him to start a humanitarian relief work among the many poor people of the country.

Over nearly 25 years, with God's help and the cooperation of many friends and supporters, several schools have been built, along with a Service Center for blind children, orphanages, a Service Center for the elderly, Bible schools, healthcare centers and homes for the homeless, and C.L.T.I. has developed well-drilling projects to provide badly needed water and many other such works. 

Since 2006, Luciana Caloi, who took the missionary work of C.L.T.I. to heart, was entrusted by the Canadian ministry to continue its work in India, which she does with passion and love, helping to raise money and increase awareness among her former connections and among others whom she has met along the way and who have decided to put their trust in the ministry.  

In 2010 Luciana Caloi, together with Andrea Alberti and founder Onofrio Miccolis, decide to open a branch in Italy called Christian Life Relief International with the aim of collecting donations from Italian residents interested in supporting the ministry and transferring the funds to the headquarters in Canada for the missionary Onofrio Miccolis to then distribute them to the various Indian missions.

Since January 3, 2012, Christian Life Relief International is officially registered as an O.N.L.U.S. or non-profit organization, and as such offers its supporters residing in Italy the advantage of deducting their donations from their income tax return and of donating 0.5% of their annual income to C.L.R.I.

Meanwhile, other volunteers joined the ministry who, driven by the same love for the needy, have offered their time and talents by helping us in preparing banners, flyers, a website and Facebook page, and much more, with the aim of raising awareness and reaching a broader number of people who also feel a desire to aid the ministry. 

After the sudden death of Italian-Canadian missionary Onofrio Miccolis, there no longer being the conditions to continue to work with the Canadian office because of the lack of a liaison (which Miccolis invaluably provided), the Italian branch decides to become independent and begins to establish direct contacts with the Indian missions.

Currently we operate mainly in India in Andhra Pradesh, collaborating with two missions: Miriam's Children Home and the Revival Gospel Ministries, the first at Amalapuram and the second at Narsapuram.

All of us who are committed to promoting the principle of equality among peoples are grateful to God, who has changed our lives over the course of this ministry, as well as those of all our supporting friends who over the years have helped us improve the living conditions of people who are literally destitute.

The projects in the pipeline for the present and future are many, just as the needs of the Indian population are, and we are confident that with your precious help, which encourages us to press on, we can achieve even more than what we have already done. 

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