News From The Mission

Vijay News:
Early morning 5am we started our journey from Jangarrddy Gudem,
We were for 3 days in a tribal area, there is no mobile signals so i was unable to update the videos and pics.
They live in extreme poverty.They need rice, groceries and vegetables as they live very far from normal society. I asked them If children go to school, only few of them can reach the main village where there is a school but most of them study at home. So we have to arrange an educated graduated girl or boy as a teacher to teach them subjects and English.
After this Tribal visit, we visited another far place from there, we travelled 20km far place.
This 2nd place name is Gulla Madugu. 5 km we went by car, after that there is no way to go by car, so left the car and arranged motor bikes and reached this Gulla Madugu village Telangana and Andra border.
Uphold them in your prayers. We preached the gospel to them and given biscuits and chocolates.
From there we went another tribal area.
This 3rd tribal area is Ravi Nagar, Dhevara konda. These families belongs to Chatishghar came and settled in Telangana. They speaks Koya language and Hindhi.

First day 3 different tribal places we visited and returned to Kannay Gudem and stayed in a pastor house .

2 brothers involved in tribal area ministry. Me and my brother Rajesh. Middle Pastor David Brinard who helped me to go tribal area local organiser and his brother John who gave his car for the gospel work to visit tribal area, and blue shirt pastor Rajesh who gave us first day shelter and arranged bikes and his Bro. Singh who helped us to take tribal route. Without Singh we can't even go to that way.